Sunday, October 12, 2008

EBay Acronyms

B&W: Black and White
BC: Back Cover
BIN: Buy It Now
CIP: Customer Initiated Payment
DOA: Dead On Arrival
DSR: Detailed Seller Rating (additional, but anonymous, Feedback ratings buyers can give sellers)
EST: Eastern Standard Time
EUC: Excellent Used Condition
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (A list of questions with answers.)
FB: Feedback
FC: Fine Condition
FOB: Freight On Board (Usually means something has shipped)
FS: Full Screen (Usually applied to DVDs)
FVF: Final Value Fee
G: Good Condition
GBP: Great Britain Pounds
GU: Gently Used (Item that has been used but shows little wear, accompanied by explanation of wear.)
HP: Home Page
HTF: Hard To Find
HTML: HyperText Markup Language (The language used to create Web pages.)
IE: Internet Explorer
IM: Instant Messaging
INIT: Initials
ISP: Internet Service Provider (A company that gives you access to the Internet)
JPG: JPEG (Preferred file format for pictures on eBay, pronounced "Jay-Peg")
LTBX: Letterbox (Video format that recreates a widescreen image)
LTD: Limited Edition
MNT: Mint. In perfect condition (a subjective term)
MIB: Mint In Box
MIJ: Made In Japan
MIMB: Mint In Mint Box
MIMP: Mint In Mint Package
MIP: Mint In Package
MNB: Mint No Box
MOC: Mint On card
MOMC: Mint On Mint Card
MONMC: Mint On Near Mint Card
MWBT: Mint With Both Tags
MWMT: Mint With Mint Tags
NARU: Not a Registered User (or suspended user)
NBW: Never Been Worn
NC: No Cover
NIB: New In Box
NM: Near Mint
NOS: New Old Stock
NR: No Reserve Price (for an auction-style listing)
NRFB: Never Removed From Box
NWT: New With Tags
NWOT: New Without Original Tags
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
OOP: Out Of Print
PL: A Pink or a Pinkliner (This refers to an eBay staff member who posts a message on a Discussion Board. Messages from eBay staff have a pink header.)
PM: Priority Mail
PST: Pacific Standard Time
RET: Retired
SCR: Scratch
S/O: Sold Out
Sig: Signature
SMS: Short Message Service (Text messaging for a wireless device, such as a mobile phone).
SYI: Sell Your Item form
TM: Trademark
UPI: Unpaid Item
URL: Uniform Resource Locator (The address that identifies a Web site, such as
USPS: United States Postal Service
VF: Very Fine Condition
VHTF: Very Hard To Find
WS: Widescreen (same as letterbox)
XL: Extra large

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome to my eBay help blog

In this blog I will try to give you help and tips about knowing and using eBay
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I don’t have to be a platinum power seller to give you the tips because there always someone that knows better then you. That is way this blog is about links to other forums, sites and blogs that giving tips and help with eBay.

My Hebrew eazybay blog
למתחיל המתחיל eBay

First of all you should know what you are allowed to buy and sell on eBay.
You can visit this eBay policy page here.

Some people want to sell stuff on eBay as extra income to their bank account.
But trouble is that they don’t know what to sell.
In the next links you can see the main key words that are being type at the eBay search.
EBay searches Main key words

You can also see the most popular words sellers use in listings
EBay Products index
EBay best selling products

Prices and Help

Pricing the products!
It is very important to know at how much we can sell our products.
Since the use of eBay is not for free, you can calculate the eBay and paypal fees you pay before and after the sell.

EBay fees table

Calculate website of eBay and paypal fees:

Edit your listing

Edit your listing!
In order to upload your listing in respectable way you should use an HTML editor.
When you use the eBay simple way to upload the listing, each photo you use, after the 1st cost you additional fee.
Use HTML code and you can add as much photos as you want for free.

Check out these tools:

To self host your photos register for free to these web sites:

World post offices

World post offices

After you sold and send your item you may want to keep on follow it abroad. Use these links to worldwide post offices:


More stuff


EBay on YouTube

EBay on YouTube